The Sh!t They Don’t Tell You At Orientation

1 Feb 2016 - 13:00

First off, let me start by congratulating you on your acceptance to UCT! The next few years are going to be pretty challenging, but really rewarding and you can have a great time along the way! Here are a few tips to make your days on campus a lot more manageable as well as enjoyable!


An essential part to navigating your way across campus is knowing where the best bathrooms are. Those of you wanting to use female bathrooms, I suggest the ones in the Maths Building or in the Computer Science Building, and for those who want to use the men’s bathroom, the Otto Beit Building and the Economics buildings have great bathrooms. At this point in time, there is only one gender neutral bathroom on campus and it’s located in the Leslie Social Building: it is absolutely spotless!


A mild caffeine addiction is synonymous with tertiary education so you’ll need to know where to grab the best coffee on campus. When the cafeteria is open, I recommend going to Campus Coffee To Go. They’re wallet friendly, and the service is excellent. If you don’t feel like making the trek to the cafeteria, try one of the UniCafe machines! They’re coffee vending machines which charge a R10 flat rate for any hot drink on their menu including espressos, Americanos, lattes, mochas, and more! You can find them in the Menzies Engineering Building (Menzies), the Computer Science Building (Com Sci), and the New Science Lecture Theatre (NSLT).


So your caffeine needs have been satiated, but now comes an even more important issue: FOOD. Food is important. Food will keep you from getting hangry and being THAT person to your newfound friends. For something on the healthier side, I recommend either going to Panda Land in the cafeteria, or heading over to the Centlivres building and creating your own salad, wrap or bagel – just avoid peak lunch hours at both, otherwise you’ll be in a queue for eternity! If that doesn’t pique your interest, in the cafeteria, Budget Rolls is, as the name suggests, affordable, and their food is great!


Now that you’ve got your cup of coffee, or your meal, you’re going to want to sit down and savour it. Avoid sitting in the cafeteria for too long, you’ll end up wasting your entire day there. I’d recommend either the UCT dam, or the embankment between the Botany Building and the Maths Building. Both spots get awesome sun, even in winter, and it’ll do you a world of good to unwind a little during a hectic day on campus.


Fast-forward to the second or third week of the semester and you’re still not totally familiar with campus just yet but you’re running to a tutorial to hand in an assignment which still needs to be printed! So where do you go? Try Knowledge Commons’ Quick Print section! It’s on the left when you walk into the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library through another security gate. In my first year I used to love doing final edits of my essays there because it’s so quiet and the workstations are spacious and comfy. Alternatively the Beattie Computer Labs are also awesome, and they’ve got staplers – a rare commodity on campus!



And finally, be early for your Jammie; that is all.

Written By: Belle Miller