SA Artist Spotlight: The Vanilla

28 Jun 2017 - 11:15

Written by Chelsea Moses


In this week's SA Artist Spotlight, we're featuring The Vanilla:

If ever South Africa needed a sound track to emphasise how unique and diverse we truly are, then The Vanilla would be the soundtrack to perfectly illustrate this. You cannot help but bop your head to the groovy pop sounds of this feel good 4-piece band from Cape Town. Their 2017 song Sally is almost a paradox in that it sounds like a 70s song out of the musical, Grease, with a just enough spice to edge it into futuristic pop-rock.

The Vanilla is certainly a band to look out for and could possibly change the way South African music should sound, due to the unique way in which their sound is put together. Be sure to check out their upcoming July tour and their performance in Cape Town on 22 July.