SA Artist Spotlight: Ursus and Wolf

11 Apr 2017 - 10:15

Written by Dominique Jacobs


In today’s SA Artist Spotlight, we’re featuring Ursus & Wolf:

The Cape Town-based hip hop duo of Ursus and Wolf are definitely artists to look out for. Signed under The Cult of Maybe, their EP, What Now, sees them collabing with other incredible SA talent such as Buli and Yum Yuck.  Their sound is a mix of electronica synth melodies with blunt rap verses. What's even more impressive is that they get all their work done from opposites sides of the world - with one half in Cape Town and the other in Houston, USA.

Their Remix EP is filled with their own remixes of well-known emerging musicians and producers who have already stamped their place in the industry. Usually remixes tend to try and completely mask the original track but their remix of Zaki Ibrahim's Do The Thing Right amplifies the original song while still giving it a fresh take!

And with the duo’s names being Fearbace and Nighteyes, we just want to know more!