SA Artist Spotlight: The Soil

16 Oct 2017 - 08:15
Written by Chelsea Moses


In this week's SA Artist Spotlight, we're featuring The Soil:

Acapella has never been this great. All those musicals, where they dance out into song and make you feel really happy, does not even compete with how “happy The Soil makes you feel” (pun intended – read on below to catch on). This 4 piece acapella group, formed from Soweto, in Johannesburg South Africa. Their music has been described as “kasi soul”. It is reflective of a soulful, jazzy kind of soul, where the trumpets and bass guitars have been replaced with the rhythmic tunes of the bodies of the 4 indivuals own sounds (which make up the soul). Apart from their music being so raw and authentic, each member is genuine in their own right and for them The Soil is more than just an acapella group, but a home (a place of belonging). And for many, their music reflects this. The remanence of pain, nostalgia, joy and spirit are heard in their music. Basically, a book of emotions to be followed closely. They have risen to fame from their 2011 launch, with songs like “Girl I’m lonely” (2011) to “Happy” (2016), some of their more recent work. Whichever way you spin the story; The Soil is a resonating sound that should be on the soundtrack of every cafes instore playlist. For the information that you know you need about The Soil, be sure to check out their Facebook page for an explosion of voices, sounds and collaborative sounds.