SA Artist Spotlight: Nyota Parker

26 Jul 2017 - 10:00


Nyota Parker

Written by Chelsea Moses


In this week's SA Artist Spotlight, we're featuring Nyota Parker:

Nyota Parker, a new South African artist who is killing the rap game. This young singer and songwriter is changing the way rap music in south Africa is being defined. She perfectly blends her words together in a way that addresses serious issues, with a delicate poetic touch. Parker also leaves herself and her bare soul in her work, by having a hand in all the music she self creates/composes. Songs like “Don’t get me started” and “Free Us” show the rawness in her self-created art. This talented young lady is certainly someone to look out for in the music scene. Her confidence, maturity and ability to merge sounds together to create delicate art adds a fresh perspective to South African music, and the way that it is heard.