SA Artist Spotlight: Josh Wantie

21 Jun 2017 - 09:00
Written by Chelsea Moses



In this week's SA Artist Spotlight, we feature Josh Wantie:


Gallo Records new rising star, Josh Wantie (full name: Joshua Wantenaar) is a Durban born artist that creates a unique blend of sounds that really cannot be summed up into one music genre. His song ‘Go Under’ creates the perfect blend of what I would call an indie-electro, pop fusion. From the subtle sounds of the guitar and the synthesized beats coming together, Wantie leaves you ‘wanting more” (pun intended). His lyrics also stand on their own, being more focused on his life experiences than just simply going with the beat. This artist is definitely someone to look out for. Whether you are looking for the perfect song to have a run to, on a foggy morning or just looking to jam it out in your room, Wantie creates the perfect playlist to take you to that place.