24 Jul 2017 - 09:00
UCT Plaza Day 2017
UCT Radio stand, UCT Plaza Day 2017


Written by Dominique Jacobs


The late start to the 2017 year made it really difficult for us to reach the goals we’d set out for ourselves at the end of last year, yet members and management have been committed to reaching these goals and beyond for UCT Radio. First semester has been full of events, giveaways, interviews, new music and lots of new voices on UCT Radio. Our 2017 management team brought new ideas and many changes all towards bettering the standard and expectations of UCT Radio. We’ve changed up our website making it more user-friendly and moved our previous Facebook feature, SA Artist Spotlight onto the website which now has its own team of dedicated writers. Our News Team has introduced a ‘Journalism Squad’ to attend meetings and events in order to get first-hand information about situations and circumstances. Our Music Team hosts listening sessions within the team itself in order to make sure we’re playlisting music that speaks to the type of music our listeners will like listening to and the type of brand we exemplify.

We’ve had exciting interviews with Mathew Gold, SEVVEN, Ace, Spender, Monark, Early Hours, Portia Luma and Rubber Duc! If you missed any, check out their in-studio performance on our Facebook page. We’ve also been fortunate enough to attend Ultra Music Festival; the opening of the PPG Art Exhibition at First Thursdays, in association with Rock Girls; Cape Town Jazz Fest; Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show and many a press day for concerts and musician tours – all of which we tweeted, streamed or grammed about on our social media platforms.

UCT Radio has hosted many great competitions throughout the first semester – with prizes such as, two bottles of limited edition Russian Bear x Riky Rick vodka; movie tickets sponsored by Ster-Kinekor Cavendish Square; music festival tickets; Pick n Pay vouchers, airtime vouchers and even a bar fridge in association with Castle Lite Lime. We were also looking forward to giving away 2 brand new Samsung cellphones during our Plaza Day event but the unexpected protest on the day caused us to cancel the entire event.

As a university radio station, it is very difficult to have a secure radio schedule because our members are all students studying towards degrees and other commitments, so our schedule alters slightly throughout the year in order to accommodate this. After weeks of arranging and rearranging presenters, we finally settled on a new schedule! At the moment you can find our schedule on the website, along with short bios describing each of the shows, but our team is hard at work creating a look for the show schedule on the website that will be more informative and interactive.

Training is an important part of UCT Radio and many present-day media and on-air personalities have gotten their starting foot with us. We’ve also welcomed new members onto our UCT Radio team. They’ve been eager to learn and it’s exciting to watch them grow in their on-air & off-air fields.  As is tradition, our new members were divided into groups and placed in graveyard (23h00 – 03h00) slots during the week. Unfortunately, due to safety issues surrounding our members during the night time and weekend morning, forced management to suspend graveyard training and our #WeekendBreakfast shows until campus security could effectively assure our safety. After numerous attempts to engage with UCT and campus security themselves, we decided to take the matter onto social media in order to start a conversation that has become more and more apparent at university campuses all over the world – campus safety, especially regarding campus violence and campus crime.

First semester has been crazy and busy – and we don’t expect anything less for the rest of the year!