#HOWTO: Up Your Social Media Game

1 Nov 2017 - 12:45
Written by Dominique Jacobs


The stat and figures for social media users in South Africa is wild. There are 14 million Facebook users in SA and 80% of them access the app through the cellphones. Social media wars often start on Twitter and with an audience of 7.7 million, there’s no wonder so many people clap back. Although ‘Instagram Famous’ should not be a aspirational life goal, social media stars born on the platform which has a South African audience of 3.5 million users. Social media has allowed everyone to have a voice and a space in today’s modern world – from the Tomi Lahrens to the Emtees to the Fashionista CTs of this world.

Social media fulfils so many roles! It has the ability to reach and create networks of like-minded people – this allows for loyal and interested communities to form. It’s a platform for engagement allowing us to listen to feedback, needs and criticism. This research (through trends, market profiles, likes, mentions, number of followers) gives us the ability to convert that knowledge into something better, usable and/or profitable. Social media’s two-way communication also gives us the opportunity to discuss, debate, argue and even throw a sly shade at anyone who @’s us.

In our previous #HowTo, we touched on the importance of social media as a branding tool. Well, we believe that social media is an all-round important tool. In this #HowTo, we’ll be sharing some tips so as to up your game on social media whether you’re an aspiring blogger, starting a business or just trying to up your own personal game on social media.



  • Find a niche.
  • Post Regularly.
  • Content is King. Make sure it’s useable/educational/ entertaining
  • Provide shareable news and images.
  • Encourage conversation and commenting.
  • Respond Immediately.
  • Cross-promote your accounts.
  • Link multimedia (videos, photos, gifs) to your tweets and Facebook posts.
  • Newjack – comment and retweet on trending topics.
  • Find and follow people who inspire you and who align with your brand/ content.


  • ­Know the T&C of the platforms you’re using
  • ­There are actual laws for social media, make sure you’re not breaking any. Social media content is consider published and part of the public domain and are subject to published material laws too.
  • ­You are the brand. You are responsible.
  • ­Own your content – especially if you’re making money from it – it is subject to copyright and plagiarism laws.
  • ­Do not engage in racism, name-calling, profanity, gender discrimination and bigotry.