The Effervesce Show: Compilation Project

8 May 2017 - 12:00

Written by Lara Bredeveldt


What is the Effervesce Show?

The Effervesce Show is an interactive music show which found its home on UCT Radio from the 18th January 2016. It is hosted and produced by Tashreeq Vardien, or Tash as his listeners have come to know him as. Tash has been part of the UCT Radio family after 6 years of bouncing between sports and drive time shows, and so a specialist show he was passionate about was born. The Effervesce Show consists of a mix of genres that Tash has sourced from musicians, artists and producers around Cape Town and online. Tash has given these local producers a platform to give the community a taste of their sound, while providing them with the means to share their sound.

What exciting things does The Effervesce Show have coming up?

In celebration of 50 shows, which was not an easy milestone to get to, The Effervesce Show is putting together a compilation project. The project aims to showcase the talented South African musicians, artists and producers the show has gotten in touch with during this time.

Over the past 15 months, The Effervesce Show has developed and grown exponentially; the compilation project gives listeners a taste of what Tash’s brainchild really is. The show's growth has allowed Tash to reach more and more local talent. The project is aimed at creating a sense of fulfilment in the listener. After many hours and hard work, this is a milestone which Tash wants to share with the UCT Radio community and beyond.

Through sharing this compilation project, it will not only be a platform for local talent to showcase their work, but also aims to share a message. Tash hopes to inspire his listeners to follow their passions. The compilation project is much larger than the show and also serves as a reflection of his journey:Your time is not wasted if you’re doing what you love.

In his words:

“I want the project to be able to encourage anybody with an idea that they too can put something out into the world.”

As for the music, the only way to find out what kind of music he showcases is to tune in because it changes each week. The Effervesce Show is not bound by genres, but rather by a sense of community and local talent.


You can find The Effervesce Show: 50th Episode Compilation here