2016 Game Changers

15 Jan 2016 - 11:15

So 2016 is upon us and I must admit that the flow of time has become frighteningly rapid within my life. I’ll be 25 this year, which kinda means that calling myself a RadioKid might seem a bit redundant. Regardless of that, I do believe it’s time to get the year underway with a fresh blog.

So here it is, 3 people who I believe will change the face of their industries for good!

  1. Khanya “Kyeezi” Siyengo


If you want to meet an individual who dropped everything to pursue his craft and succeeded in doing it, then Kyeezi is your man. What makes him brilliant on radio and television is his inclusion and emphasis on urban and Hip Hop culture in Cape Town within both of his mediums. This in itself is vital, as Hip Hop Culture is often disregarded despite it’s popularity within the city. Kyeezi has opened up a  vital space for engagement on his radio show at GoodHope FM, “Run CPT & Bread And Butter.” Furthermore his inclusion on television after being ousted from the SABC 3 Presenter search competition, just goes to show that being a Hip Hop kid doesn’t limit you in any way. Instead it makes you more versatile as you’re able to exude those creative energies and give new life to a space which shuns urban culture. So Kyeezi gets my pick, as he shows that you don’t have to change who you inherently are to change the game and make a success of yourself.

2. Sam Lehoko AKA Sammy Sosa


It’s not the first time that I’ve mentioned this fervent individual on the blog. Sam Lehoko is everything that’s right with television right now. She’s a die hard, fight till the very end kinda women, whose take no bullshit attitude on radio and television is a breath of fresh air in a sphere where everyone wants to remain politically correct.  Sam’s energetic and authentic style of presenting is so far removed from the replicated Bonang Matheba style, that you just have to sit up and take notice! Sam is most definitely not the girl next door, but the girl who will bust through the door to kick ass and take names. So watch out for Sammy Sosa this year. She’s bound to hit a home run and quickly reach the pinnacle of television!

3. Rob Forbes


My final pick is Rob Forbes, South African radio personality extraordinaire. Rob worked tirelessly for 10 years before finally getting his shot at the big time, and man did he grab hold of that opportunity with both hands. His lunch show on 5FM produces content unlike anything I’ve ever heard in South Africa. However it’s not only his unique take on content which is great, but the delivery of it. His warm, open and engaging style of presenting, which I often liken to the BBC Radio 1 style, gives the audience a highly personalized experience. In addition Rob is able to engage every segment of our diverse society without anybody ever feeling left out, a skill which budding presenters can definitely learn from. I reckon that this year, Rob will soon become a radio heavyweight as he is already redefining the traditional outlook of radio with his uniquely South African yet international style.

Duncan Patrick